Should I Repair Or Replace My Tires?


When it comes to tires, certain things ring true. For instance, they cannot have any punctures or holes. Why? Well, when they do, depending on the size of the opening, the units will leak air either fast or slow. Also, rubber can dry rot after being exposed to UV rays, rain, snow, and other elements over the years. Air can begin to escape from spots on the sidewalls, near the tread, or anywhere.

If a car tire goes flat continually, it doesn’t do the vehicle’s owner any favors. He or she will have to spend who knows how many quarters each day to keep the appropriate PSI in the wheel. Then again, there is also the option of going out and buying an air compressor, hose, and air chuck. However, why go through all of that trouble? A professional tire technician can inspect wheels and advise the car owner whether they need a repair or replacement.

Examples Of When A Repair Might Be The Perfect Solution

Firstly, if a thorn, small piece of metal, or a sliver of glass punctures a tire, the owner must consider the price. Obviously, if the tire is fairly new and in good shape, he or she probably doesn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a unit if they don’t have to, and who can blame them? In such scenarios, a tire technician can remove the item and plug the hole. Meanwhile, other professionals prefer to break the tire down and install a patch on the inside. Whatever choice the car owner and tech go with, the repair total will be way less than buying a tire.

Is It Better To Have The Tires Replaced?

In some cases, tires are beyond any repair, and they must be replaced. For example, if a front tire busted belt enters the picture, the front end of the vehicle will begin to shake violently. So much so, that in many instances, the driver can no longer safely control the car and has to pull over. Techs cannot repair torn, separated, or ripped belts. Instead, they have to replace the wheel to ensure the car’s occupants and others on the roadways remain safe.