You may have guessed the 2016 Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Concept

Auto Repair Rancho Cucamonga would like to introduce you to the 2016 Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo was made by Bugatti and appeared at the Frankfurt International Motor Show. It is a concept car with only six models made for the show. This design has thus inspired the manufacture of the 2018 Bugatti Chiron. Its design originates from the Bugatti type 57G which has won many accolades including a two time Le Mans 24h prize. The car has the largest horsepower of 8litre/ 7993 cc. It produces 1230kw which is equivalent to 1650 horsepower and 1580N.m ( The car is a four wheel drive as the engine supplies power to all the four wheels.

To make the Bugatti Vision Turismo, the manufacturers realized that they can actually build a real car and introduce it to the world to the bewilderment of Bugatti fans. The impact of coupling, technology, tradition and aesthetics shows that each feature from the design serves a very important purpose. The car has its inspiration from its predecessor from the racing aspect which was successful in races during the mid-1920s.

A scrutinized look at this beast shows advanced racing technology. The car has two large convex surfaces ideal to offer little resistance making it look athletic to deliver maximum performance. The surface also has concave transitions with strong lines to offer the ultimate look. The designers never overlooked the most important features of Bugatti and ensured all the features conform perfectly to a racing car offering real function performance. The front horseshoe at the front offers support to the front splitter with the center fin being advantageous in providing stability thus accommodating the kinematic system. Which works well with the rear wing offering easy application of the brakes and the DRS (drag reduction system). The interior design is well themed to match a true racing car.

This model car was a success work with the Bugatti engineers and draws its inspiration from aerodynamics and modern racing technology. To be able to attain its status, the car is powered by a W16 engine, with a total output of 1230 kW (1650hp) to all the four wheels. Tests have shown that the car can average over 400km/h (250mph) on the four sections of the Le Mans track and can reach a peak speed of 447.59 km/h (278mph). It weighs 1695 kgs and the price is $5,500,000.