How To Repair A Blown Head Gasket In An Audi

Every one of us dreams to buy a car one day. We strive and work hard for it. Having a car is a great feeling and once you buy it with your own hard earned money, you realize the fact that it is really important to maintain your car and keep it safe. Here at Palumbo’s Automotive, we know that repairing a car can beĀ  costly and we want to help.

The maintenance of an Audi is a really expensive task. And talking about expensive, if you have blown your head gasket in your Audi then surely the repairing coat will be very high. But if you follow a few simple steps then surely you yourself can repair it. Hence here How to repair a blown head gasket in an Audi will be explained.

Firstly disconnect the negative battery terminal located at the top of your battery. Safety should be maintained at all times. Then carefully remove the intake hose and the airbox. Now after this you will have to remove several bolts. You will have to take off the air conditioner compressor. Then you will have to disconnect the water hose by loosening the clamp. Then after this simply remove the bolts of the alternator. Then the lines running to the AC should be disconnected.

Then the next step should be done with care. Loosen the head bolts of the head gasket in place. Then carefully the cylinder head should be cleaned. This has to be done so that the new head gasket sits correctly. After placing the new head gasket in the specified space, tighten the bolts. Then quickly and carefully replace all the components.

Finally, fill the cooling system with fresh coolant. Then after this turn on the engine. Then finally once it reaches its optimal temperature, your car will be ready to use again. This is how to repair a blown head gasket in an Audi.

Here is how it is done.