Best Cars To Drive In San Francisco

Best cars to drive in san franciscoDriving in San Francisco requires you select the best type of a car in terms the size as well as the strength of the car putting the terrain, the busy one-way street roads and the dense population in the city area. San Francisco is a hilly city with lots of cars. suggests you consider these as some of the best cars to drive in this city;

Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep models have a good name when it comes to a variety of terrains. The car performs really well in mountainous and hill climbing. It also has perfect edge cutting features that will assist it to survive in San Francisco busy traffic. The spare parts are readily available, and the fuel consumption is average.


This car is just the perfect one when it comes to the traffic nature of San Francisco. It has very a very good and responsive cruise control that brings it into a halt to allow the car in front to move. The car can steer itself at a speed of 40km/h without your hands on the steer. It is also strong for the hilly terrain. Since the vehicle is strong, the hilly areas do not challenge it and remain intact after a steep hill.

Ram 2500

The size of this car allows you to maneuver through a busy road. It also gives you a clear sight to avoid accidents on the busy streets of the city. The power of the car’s engine makes driving in hilly terrain a simple experience making the journey through San Francisco easy.

2018 Volkswagen GTI

This car has a relatively small body that allows you to survive on the busiest San Francisco street roads. The car is compact with a hatchback. The best thing is that it really fits a classy city car with some power to climb hilly places as well.

These are just some of the best cars that you can drive in the densely populated and hilly terrain of San Francisco. Choose your car wisely to save on maintenance and fueling cost.

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