Hi I’m Sara,

Yes, girls can like cars too.

I have always wanted to start a blog and connect with others about super cars. However, every time I go to do it. Someone is talking about the cars with the most HP. Or the most most cylinders in the engine, the fastest 0-60 time. All those things are fine and dandy, but what I found is what sets everything apart is the CC or Cubic Centimeter metric.
You see all cars have specs, ratios and metrics. All of them also record the CC of how big an engine is. Then if you look you will see that the BEST and most AMAZING super cars on the road. Have something in common.
You guessed it! The most CC’s or biggest engines.
So please read my blog as I dive in to each of these amazing super cars, along the way I may start putting up the coolest products around these vehicles that I have bought that you may want to as well. (As you can assume I may make a small profit there.)
So I promise you will love these as much as I do. So read on I hope to entertain you, maybe make you chuckle and learn about some cars you have never heard of but are so amazing will put the iconic Lamborghini’s to shame.
Happy Reading 🙂