4 Causes That Can Lead to Head Gasket Failure in a Mercedes

Head Gasket Failure in a Mercedes

Head gasket failure in your Mercedes is surely bad news; and the biggest concern is, you must take care of it immediately. There are a number of different ways a head gasket can fail – from loss of compression to oil and coolant leaks. But before you learn How to repair the head gasket on a Mercedes, you must know what exactly leads to head gasket failure.

A Mercedes head gasket can fail due to many reasons. http://bavarianmastercare.com/ suggests 4 reasons to look our for:


An overheating engine can be one of the biggest reasons for a head gasket failure. Most of the times, the gasket’s armor over the cylinders can be crushed and when that happens, the seal around the armor is lost. That time, the engine of your car loses its compression, leading to leaked coolant causing the gasket to erode.

Error in installation

If you already have replaced a head gasket on your car and you have installed it incorrectly, then it can lead to a head gasket failure too. You need to ensure that the head bolts are properly tightened in a correct sequence and properly set to the torque. Make sure that they have clean and undamaged threads. The head surface of the cylinder along with the engine block should also be flat, clean and smooth.

Hot Spots

A lot of engines are vulnerable to hot spots and these can be seen between the cylinders in the center. This can lead to head gasket failure in the near future. If your car is old enough and you have replaced your previous gasket with another one, then hot spots can be a prime reason for your car’s gasket failure.

Poorly design head Gasket

Many times, the car’s head gasket is poorly designed and that can be a reason for a blown gasket in the coming years. So, before you purchase a vehicle, it is important that you do a little research on your gasket, whether or not it is properly designed. If you see problems with the design of your car’s original head gasket, then you must install a better one.