The Mulsanne, Bentley’s flagship sedan

Bentley is a British car manufacturer that has made a name for itself. In 2010, Bentley unveiled the Mulsanne as a new car model under the brand. That car has quickly become the top rated vehicle with the brand manufacturer. The Mulsanne is actually named for a notable curve in the Le Mans auto circuit. Bentley has taken notice of car drivers and their preferences for vehicles. BMW Specialist Repair Shop Chandler appreciate the features on this model.  Find out why it has become Bentley’s flagship sedan over the years.

The model is a full sized sedan and has all kinds of luxury features as well. View the interior and be captivated by the unique features on display too. It is clear that the Mulsanne was designed by visionaries for dedicated car drivers. All luxury vehicles come standard and should convince people to give it a try. Bentley’s flagship sedan is proving to be a big time success for all that are involved.

The vehicle also promises to offer both luxury and performance at once. The Mulsanne has a V-8 engine under the hood that clearly excels whenever possible. Initial tests have proven that the vehicle is a resounding success on the whole. Bentley’s flagship sedan is a leader in every sense of the word. The model can attain zero to sixty MPH in just 5.1 seconds on average. It has also passed safety testing and given people more confidence in its performance.

Expect a top speed of around 184 to 190 mph out on the road. Driving conditions may vary between the highway and city driving. There is between 505 and 530 horsepower under the hood. That is a good indication that the engine is high performance for serious drivers. People can test drive the Mulsanne at any local dealership when they want. The brand manufacturer has seen sales of the Mulsanne rise to a considerable extent. Bentley’s flagship sedan is more popular than ever before for those in the know. That helps drivers make a good decision for their favorite automobile. Trust the brand reputation when it comes to the vehicle.

Come to a Bentley dealership to see why the Mulsanne is so popular. It is a leading car and has sold well so far. The model has been in production since the 2011 model year. Bentley’s flagship sedan has seen a lot of interest from various drivers. There is ample seating inside of the car as well. Families could even make good use out of the vehicle whenever they need it most.