Rolls-Royce Ghost/Wraith – Silver Ghost of 1906

The new Rolls Royce- 40/50 hp chassis, for the first time it was launched at the popular London’s Olympia Motor show back in 1906. By the time, the Roll-Royce Ghost silver was the best car ever made in the world and was most luxurious car ever made with a very strong engine that we at believe is still among the best engines you can get.

It was basically designed by Henry Royce with an objective of meeting the Edwardian Motorists demand a car that can carry the epitome of the most luxurious coachwork in the world.

The Roll Royce Silver Ghost was definitely one of the finest ever contemporary cars in the world. It was beloved of gentry landed as well as sporting gentlemen.

On the display, chassis were fitted with some elegant silver painted Roi-Des-Belges touring-coachwork as well as the silver plated brightwork by the coachbuilders Barker & Co. This car was primarily used as trial cars by Claude Johnson the company’s managing director. Claude Johnson Give it a new name as “The Silver Ghost”.

This wonderful vehicle had a six-cylinder engine as well as overdrive fourth speed. At this time, most motorists were unable to change the gear, but the Roll Royce was very adventurous. The silver ghost launched series of public test in 1907, thus culminating the observed 15,000-mile run.

Just within six weeks, John and another three driver’s team covered about 2,500 miles per week, running continuously around the clock, halting only when changing tires.

The trial of the Roll-Royce made a great impression on public motoring domain, thus named the Silver Ghost that was indiscriminately used to refer all Roll Royce 40/50s; thus making the company adopt the slogan, “The Best Car in the World”.

Regardless of whatever the speed it’s driven, there is no other engine that has that quality so far, one’s an auditory troubled nerve, standing or driving by the fuller sound than always emanate from the eight-day clock.

As earlier said this car was first revealed in 1906 and originated from the Manchester in the UK, it was a production car with a six-cylinder engine. The car was capable of running over 48 bhp. The car layout was front mounted-engine driving rear wheels. The car’s bodywork had various customarily made limousines and tourers.

The Roll Royce the silver ghost was able to run at a speed equivalent to 89 kph. The car still remains unique in its way due to the high-quality features it boasts.